Canada, Mexico & USA will host Football World Cup 2026

Canada, Mexico & USA will host Football World Cup 2026

North America | USA, Mexico and Canada won 2026 FIFA World Cup bid.

The foot ball world cup is back to America. Yes, this time World Cup 2016 will be held in United States, Mexico and Canada. The 68th FIFA Congress has been back in America. The majority votes of the FIFA’s congress have nominated US. The North America bid collected about 134 votes. The morocco lost the bid for the 5th time. This time there will be a joint hosting for the world cup. The world Cup 2026, maximum number of games will be held in United States. Also there will have the full schedule in Mexico and Canada.  This time the Football World Cup 2026 bid will be the richest tournament. This tournament will create a new history. 

After years there are some good vibes for the FIFA World Cup 2026. The President of U.S Soccer, Carlos Cordeiro said that-“The beautiful game transcends border and cultures. Football today is the only victor, and in that spirit, we wish our Russian hosts and all the teams participating here this month, the very best of luck.”

The first tournament will feature 48 teams; this is the first time ever happening in the FIFA World Cup. The game will be played in 16 different cities, whereas the first 10 will be held in Untied States and the rest of the six games will be held in Mexico and Canada. The United States will host the maximum number of the games. The final tournament will be hosted by the United States itself, which will be held in MetLife Stadium. The 32 team tournament will held at the first in Russia. 

FIFA has been in the news for a long time due to the scandals in the previous years. The scandals of corruption have made the game a back step in the previous years. The previous bidding process was the part of scandals. But, now everything has been come on track. This is the first time, where three nations will host the World Cup tournament. The voting of the bid has been finalized on Wednesday. Many international communities and sponsors has been the part of this bid